Second Annual Conference of AIARG – Emerging Research

25 January 2013 10:00 am

University of Limerick, Plassey Park Campus, Limerick, Ireland

In its second annual conference, the All Ireland Architectural Research Group (AIARG) will build on last year’s survey of current architectural research in Ireland. Allowing for a broad and inclusive spectrum of architectural research experiences present on the island of Ireland, this symposium aims to empower those engaged in research, to further enable research exchange and collaboration, and to position more clearly and more strongly our research in architecture, through architecture and about architecture.

This year’s conference will provide two opportunities: firstly, to continue the now- established forum for the presentation and discussion of emerging research; secondly, to foreground, in a special session of the conference, questions about the purpose, process and impact of contemporary architectural research in Ireland. For all presentations, we invite you to address issues of relevance, method and reception. In this, we hope to reach beyond the specifics of individual research topics and to focus on issues shared by all engaged in research, be it scholarly or practice-based.

This invitation is open to all actively undertaking architectural research in Ireland or focused on Ireland, both in practice and in academia, within the discipline of architecture, along its fringes or looking at architecture from ‘outside’.

We thus invite 250-word abstracts summarizing a 15-minute paper or contribution: – on current architectural research; and/or – considering the purpose and relevance, process and method, audience and effect of contemporary architectural research in Ireland.

We also invite proposals for themed sessions. Please submit a short outline for the theme of the session, a list of the contributors, their affiliation, and the individual abstracts. Please note: the organizers of a themed session will be responsible for gathering the contributors to that session – issuing a special call for papers for a proposed themed session is welcomed.

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