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Our graduate programme is fast-paced and flexible, and is run by architects, writers, critics, historians, engineers and philosophers. Established in 2005, SAUL now comprises 140 undergraduate students, from Ireland and abroad as well as European and International students with us for a year of their studies. SAUL’s two studios are located in Limerick: the main studio is in a very central location on the campus of the University of Limerick near the banks of the River Shannon; the SAUL Fab Lab is located in the heart of the Georgian city. SAUL teaching faculty has a strongly international dimension; as well as coming from Limerick and Dublin, staff hail from New York, Stockholm, London, Berlin, Scotland, France, Morocco and Spain. These top quality teaching faculty practice architecture in varying ways; as directors of a range of award-winning architectural practices in Ireland including Bucholz McEvoy Architects, Grafton Architects, A2 Architects, Hassett Ducatez Architects, PAC Studio, Urban Agency; as academics from a variety of disciplines including Architecture, Architectural History, English literature and Geography; and as professionals in Local Governance and Civil Engineering. SAUL conducts research projects through its dedicated research arm the SAUL Intelligence Unit.  The SAUL IU engages in a variety of areas, from individual academic research projects to larger-scale undertakings with partners in local governance, local industry, and other faculties within the University.

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Miriam Dunn
SAUL School of Architecture
University of Limerick


The Global Free Unit: International Practice Programme responds to the changing nature of architectural practice and research globally with an innovative new programme.

• questions of migration • questions of climate justice • question of the appropriate vantage point/ gaze/benchmarks • question of the construct of architectural theory/prototypes/history and precedents • questions of rapid apparently unplanned urbanisation and mega cities • questions of rapid apparently planned urbanisation and mega cities • the practices of propaganda, photography and architectural publication • the scope of architectural design in practice – for whom ? • the question of ethical responsibility • the purpose of architecture • the purpose and value of craft • the question of what is good architectural detail • the economic cost of architectural meaning • the impact of architectural meaning • cheap building, labour conditions, the relationship of architecture to capital • the relationship of materials and people to capital • the need for authority and the question of agency and legitimacy • are we any use to the world?

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