Our place

The Shannon River

The School of Architecture at UL (SAUL) is located in a rural and beautiful landscape along the banks of the Shannon River. As a school of architecture located in Ireland, our locale is very important; it is not in an urban setting; it is part of a landscape that has become a city, and a city that is in the process of enormous change and transformation.  Our locale plays a strong role in the pedagogical and research approach of SAUL, and in particular give a holistic understanding of the problems and issues faced by the future of our place, our environment, and our future.  SAUL has become a leader in thought on the future of our locale by situating our research and teaching work within a strong philosophical, technological, cultural, and historical context.

Global Integration

As SAUL is located in highly globalized Ireland it is important that the students study and complete project work that explores this context. Equally important is the fact that our location in Limerick (near SNN) enables a real and virtual influx of visitors from around the world. This unique infrastructural condition is central to the pedagogical vision of SAUL. SAUL has established links with practitioners, educators, and lecturers internationally, and continues to actively solicit lecturers and students to come from around the world to work for intensive periods as active contributors to the schools pedagogy and culture.