The School of Architecture


What we value at SAUL

The culture at SAUL is broad, restless, changing and ambitious: SAUL sees architecture as an agent for change. SAUL values ideas in the broadest possible sense, ideas that are underpinned by research and tested through action. SAUL encourages the boundaries of architecture to be explored and provides methods to undertake investigations in the field in an integrated design studio, in work within the city and within communities, in SAUL Fab Lab and our SAUL Intelligence Unit and in teams of creative practitioners, academics, theoreticians, writers, artists, engineers, economists, and scientists, whose interest is to advance the field and explore the relevance of the field of architecture for our societies. SAUL expects that each student is at the heart of this ongoing project.  SAUL graduates are working in architecture offices around the world from Shanghai to San Francisco and Berlin, they are working in film & digital, in travel and transport design, in-house start-ups within automated manufacturing, in European Space agency research, in Formula-E motorsports, in refugee camps and in digital fabrication.