Study Architecture at UL

Important dates

Updated (May 2021)

  • Central Applications Office (CAO) School Leaving Certificate Applicants should apply through regular application process (CAO deadline).
  • Central Applications Office (CAO) Mature Candidates should apply through regular application process (CAO deadline), submit portfolio & statement to SAUL  and are invited for interview (please read the documents linked below, and see the undergraduate application page for more details)
  • Transfer Applicants should apply to UL Admissions directly. Closing date for receipt of completed applications is 1st July 2020. Further details can be obtained from Transfer Applicants. Transfer applicants may be invited for interview and must bring portfolio to the interview.

CAO Code: LM099.
CAO Minimum Entry: Points 2020: 498.
Course Length: 5 years

Please download the next PDF documents for more information:

UL Admissions Office Contact Details

Tel: 00 353 61 202015