Prof. Elizabeth Hatz

Elizabeth Hatz is a practicing architect AA Diploma/SAR/MSA, professor and art curator, sharing her time between practice, research and teaching positions at UL and KTH Stockholm. Built work includes Kodak Head Quarters Gothenburg, Stockholm Globe Arena and buildings for AKSO-Nobel, Stockholm. Hatz curated ev+a 2010, Ireland’s pre-eminent art event. As head of SAR (Swedish RIAI) she co-founded Fargfabriken, renowned scene for Art and Architecture in Stockholm,, where she is a board member.

Apart from art and architectural design she works extensively with project organisation, assessments and leadership for private and public parties. Architectural juries include The Ralph Erskine Prize, Kalmar Stortorget (Caruso&St John) and The Nobel Museum in Stockholm. She led practice-based research at KTH, exhibited at Fargfabriken and Lund Art Hall and helped assess architectural education and research (Aarhus, Oslo, Sheffield, Aberdeen, Queens, UCD). Published in Sweden, UK, Italy, Ireland. Since 2004 Hatz is member of the Royal Academy of Agriculture and Forestry of Sweden.

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